Your Own eCommerce Business.  Sell & Deliver Your Products Without Monthly Fees

Your Own eCommerce Store Live & Open For Business To Sell Your Products

100% Cloud Based, Nothing to Download, Install & No Hosting Fees 

Find HOT Selling Products With Our Builtin & Very Newbie Friendly Software

Smooth, One-Click Order & Delivery With Our Included Chrome Extension

Use Our Three Step System To Sell More Of Your eCommerce Products With Less Fuss

#1: Select

Pick any niche and we'll fill your store with the hottest on sale items, proven to sell.  All styles, sizes, colours and variations are automatically available for sale, in your store.

#2: Mark Up

You can set the profit you want to make from each sale.  If you're not sure what to charge, we'll give you suggestions based on what's working right now.

#3: Deliver

Sales go directly to you, then simply click a button on our Chrome Extension and the order is placed with the wholesaler. You keep the profits!

Do You Have Something You Want To Sell Online?
eCommerce is a fast growing industry as people are moving from selling in a physical store to online. 
Using our store building software you can join them!

From: Cindy Donovan

To: You... if you're looking for a new way to sell physical products online
Re: The hosted software that lets you get your dream store live, today!


Dear frustrated ecommerce store owner

Cindy here, and... Gosh! do I ever understand where you’re coming from!

The eCom industry is MASSIVE, but if eCommerce is the most profitable space online to be right now how come it's so DAMN hard?!? 

It's pretty easy to see why the smart marketers like you are doing what they can to get their own eCommerce stores online 

The eCommerce Explosion Can't Be Ignored

People are turning to online shopping more than ever, and there are no signs of it slowing down. 

If you can crack the eCommerce code, you're guaranteed a huge and ongoing income.  It's like the holy grail of online marketing.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Even if you can get through the challenge of building a store, stocking it with products you hope will sell...

The uncomfortable reality is:

  • Your store takes a LOT more time to set up than they say
  • You're not REALLY sure if you're selling the right products to begin with

AND... if you actually do get a sale, you might celebrate for a moment - until you realise that 3 or 4 other people have taken their much larger chunks of the sale, while you're left with nothing but crumbs. 

Which is why you need more than just software. 

You need someone who's been doing this for a while, to show you how and where to make the software work for you. 

One thing I pride myself on, is that I'm very good at creating and implementing systems.

It's the only way to achieve success in any business.

My strategy when I'm looking for new ways to add more profit streams to my business is to: 
- Find where the money is. (i.e. this trillion dollar ecommerce industry)
- Discover the difficult parts, the 'bits' that cause people to quit or fail, in areas of massive opportunity
- Create methods, systems or software tools to fix those issues 
- And... finally, create a way to share and scale it to grow this into a respectable online business. 

The proverbial penny dropped when I realized that in order for you to achieve any success as an ecommerce store owner, I needed to not just build the software, but give you the support and training you need to turn your ideas into thriving ecommerce business. 

Introducing The Software Where YOU Are The
Highly Paid eCommerce Store Owner

Our software is easy to follow and set up… Drop Gecko will build you a beautiful, responsive eCommerce store.

To get your store live simply:

Login & Activate Your Store: 
Pick your products, select what you want your store to look like, what you want to call it and how much you want customers to pay you

Deliver The Products: 
Click a button on our easy to use Chrome Extension add-on and the order is placed and on it's way

Sell More & Scale Your Business: 
Sales are paid directly to you, you then ship the products.  There's no risk, you are in full control and profitable faster.

The Drop Gecko system lets you take your products and turn them into a thriving online ecommerce business faster, so you can finally have a store and entire online business you can be proud of!

 Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside 

Get Started Immediately, Your Store Will Be Ready In Minutes!

With just a few clicks you will have your new store live and ready to take orders. It’s as easy as selecting one of our beautiful templates, naming your store and clicking “go” your store will look great it will function beautifully, giving your visitors great experience.

Naturally it’s also fully responsive, mobile and tablet friendly This is great news since you don’t have to waste your time on complicated technical stuff, you can dive straight into unleashing the true money making power of the software and system

I Will Host Your Store
Free Of Charge!

Your DropGecko store is fully cloud hosted by us. Not only does that mean that it will be ready immediately… it also means that you will be saving a ton of money on monthly hosting fees – heck you don’t even need your own domain name!

When you make the smart investment and claim your copy of DropGecko today… there are no hidden costs or requirements in order to make the system work – we take care of everything so you get to keep your money where it belongs… in your pockets!

Advanced Analytics & eCommerce Research Data

You’ll get insider statistics for the best products to promote, including everything from the number of sales and number of social media shares to the recommended prices you should set.

You’ll also get access to the latest prices, colour variations, sizes and product types in that campaign every day like clockwork, so you’ve got the newest of the best products at the best available prices online.

Your Choice Of Beautiful One-Click Designs

Your store can take on an entirely new look with a simple click, designed to suit your style. 

That Was Just The Store Builder Part Of Drop Gecko…

Here Are The Really Clever Bits That Will
Take Your Store To The Next Level!

Automatic Sales Boosters Mastered By The Moguls

Think you can't compete with the big boys?  Think again! 

There's nothing held back in your Drop Gecko store.  You've got all of the sales spiking techniques used by eCom moguls like Groupon, Walmart, BestBuy, Etsy & GameStop.

Add countdown timers for special offers, cart expire urgency timers, buy button flips, ‘on sale’, ‘best seller’, ‘top rated’ tags and more.

You can get the advantages your competition could only dream of having, right at your fingertips, without any hidden fees.

Instant Free Social Traffic & Review Juice

Every item in your store comes preloaded with share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

Not just that... your customers are encouraged to share when they purchase - and even leave reviews. 

Since reviews are the most powerful form of social proof out there, you'll not only be getting more traffic but also getting a boost in the quality of traffic for each and every item in your store!

One Click Upsells!

Getting customers drooling over your delicious looking stores is easy enough, but Drop Gecko takes things one step further.  

Once your customer buys something, our system goes into overdrive for you allowing you to recommend targeted products placing them through an irresistable, one click upsell purchase flow.  

We've made everything as easy for your customers as possible, just one simple click and they'll be able to add extra products - earning you a LOT more cash.

There's nothing technical to do, simply pick what you want to sell and they'll be added on the page your customer sees straight after checkout. 

See How Drop Gecko Works Below…

Watch the video below to see how to set up your store and use all of the builtin features.

I Don't Want To 'Just' Give You An eCom Store Though..

So I'm Adding An Extra Bonus, To Help Your
eCommerce Store Get More Google Traffic.

MEGA BONUS:  Your Own Blog! 

Every eCommerce store worth it's grain of salt has a blog.  A way to share useful tips, give more indepth reviews and of course - get a whole lot of extra traffic from Google!

When you purchase Drop Gecko today you'll also get, completely free - a fully hosted blog, branded to your store.  It's easy to use, just create your categories write whatever you'd like and post!  

There are no hidden fees, no hosting costs and it's ready to go as soon as you login. 

So you can start benefitting from more traffic, happier customers and more authority with your Drop Gecko blog.  

I Want To Remove All Risk For You And That’s Why I’m Including My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Yes, I’ve saved the best bit for now and…

The best thing is...

I’m covering you with an amazing guarantee:

You can grab your copy of Drop Gecko today, and if for some reason you
should discover it just doesn't achieve the results you'd hoped for
by the end of your 30 day trial (or anywhere before), you can relax because
this is my promise to you: 

I’m promising you today, you’re covered by my iron-clad 30 days money back guarantee!  If you don't experience the results I've shared, I'll be happy you gave Drop Gecko a try and we'll part as friends.

Guarantees like that don't come along every day... Neither do opportunities like this...

Click The Button Below To Secure Instant Access


Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to read this letter and hear my story on how you can crack the eCommerce code.

Taking action today is your first step to doing the same and I’m very much looking forward to reading the email with your ecommerce success story.

See you inside, 

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